2 Essential Tools for a Comprehensive Website SEO Test

One of the top goals in digital marketing is to have strong search engine optimization (SEO). Strong SEO means that your content ranks in search, drives organic traffic, and ultimately converts visitors into customers.

But there are many parts of SEO that must work in tandem to reach this goal. It’s a multi-part practice that takes time and resources to execute.

One surefire way to make sure your site always follows white hat SEO best practices and performs its best in search is a complete website SEO test.

In this post we’ll review 2 tools that test website SEO in 2 crucial ways.

2 Tools for a Comprehensive Website SEO Test

Generally, SEO includes 2 categories:

  • Technical – refers to the back end elements of your site that allow search engine crawlers to easily access, understand, and index your content for ranking
  • Content – refers to the creative content (text, images, video) developed for your site and how well it is optimized for relevant keywords and good user experience. Also known as “on-page SEO”.

Note: Off-page SEO (i.e. link building) is also a part of successful SEO, but requires time and outreach to achieve. The two categories discussed here are absolutely essential to strong SEO, and should be the primary focus for SEO beginners just starting SEO.

When creating SEO content it’s important to make sure you tackle both the technical and the content (or on-page) side of things with SEO best practices in mind. However, it’s easy to miss things when you’re pushing tons of content out the door.

An SEO scan tool can help make sure you’re optimized – even after the fact. Here are 2 tools to help you do just that.

Tool #1 – Technical SEO Test

SEO Audit

Regular site audits help ensure sound SEO health, as well as elevate search performance.

Alexa’s SEO Audit tool makes sure that no technical issue on your site goes unnoticed. It’s an easy (and automated!) website SEO test to find and fix problems that keep you from ranking your best in search.

How it works:

Our comprehensive Audit report is made up of 5 industry-standard categories and covers 30 important action items (technical SEO + non-technical). That way you’ll never miss an opportunity to improve your rank and drive more organic traffic.

alexa seo audit grades

To start your website SEO test with the Audit tool, you should be signed up for Alexa’s Advanced plan.

Note: Advanced subscribers receive SEO Audit reports every 2 weeks. Insight subscribers receive reports once a month.

Once you’ve added a site to your subscription, our crawler automatically goes over it in depth, analyzing its structure, meta data, and links.

It’s a comprehensive crawl, but is “polite”, which means it spreads out requests over a number of hours so it doesn’t affect your site’s performance.

The report is delivered to you with an updated look at your SEO performance. Within each of the 5 categories we color code items that need attention. Red – take a look. Green – you’re good to go! The list of action items is sortable too, so you can access the most important things quickly.

alexa website seo audit report

Each action item includes actionable recommendations for what needs to be fixed, plus a note about why it’s important to your SEO.

Recommendations are made even easier with step-by-step instructions on where to start.

Finally, you can customize a downloadable version of your report with any or all of the action items you need to address so you can share with teammates.

website seo test with alexa site audit

Why it works:

The SEO Audit tool is an asset for any comprehensive website SEO test. It helps uncover technical issues, bringing them to your attention automatically twice a month. And it helps ensure your site always follows SEO best practices.

As a result, you can feel confident that nothing (technical) stands in the way of you and optimal organic traffic.

Added bonus? Recurring reports help you track your progress and prove your SEO efforts are paying off!

Tool #2 – Content SEO Test

On-Page SEO Checker

When you check on-page SEO regularly, you can feel confident your content is optimized for search the best it can be.

Alexa’s On-Page SEO Checker is an easy way to make sure you’re maximizing your results from each piece of content you create.

Here’s how it works:

1. In the tool, enter a published landing page + target keyword

Remember, it’s important to only target one keyword per piece of content so search engine crawlers can easily discern what your page is about. You can use like-keywords to support your target keyword, but make sure your target keyword is found in all the right places.

If you don’t have a target keyword for your content then start with our Keyword Difficulty tool. It’ll help you find the best keywords for your site, at the appropriate competition level. That way you have the best chance of ranking.

alexa on page seo checker

2. Analyze your content for on-page SEO

When you click Analyze, the tool will perform a full on-page SEO check for your content. Then you’ll receive a comprehensive report with recommendations for specific ways to improve. The report covers 4 important categories:

  • Relevance – will search engines recognize your content is relevant to the target keyword you’ve chosen?
  • SERP Appearance – will your landing page be visible and appealing in search?
  • Visitor Experience – is your landing page user-friendly? Is it accessible?
  • Target Keyword – does your landing page focus on a single keyword? Is that keyword found in all the right places to send a clear signal to search engine crawlers?

website seo test with on page seo report

Each category in the report includes the number of optimization opportunities we found, and detailed instructions on how to improve. HTML snippets are provided so you know exactly where your optimizations show up in your page’s code.

3. Delegate and optimize

At this point, you can delegate optimization tasks as needed and update your page. Any time you make an update you can analyze your page again in the On-Page SEO Checker. We’ll run as many reports as you’d like until your page is as optimized as it can be.

Why it works:

The best thing about the On-Page SEO Checker is that it’s the most straightforward way to make sure you’re getting the most out of your content efforts. It takes a lot of time to create quality content, and the last thing you want is to get snubbed in search because your on-page SEO isn’t on point.

But what’s even better – the tool provides a comprehensive SEO check for your target keyword usage. Because that’s really the most important part – do search engine crawlers believe your content is a quality piece about your target keyword?

on page seo checker target keyword test

It checks the essentials like meta descriptions, image alt tags, and the URL, to make sure you’ve included your target keyword there.

And it also checks to make sure your target keyword is within your site’s Competitive Power. If your keyword is too competitive for you, then your chances of ranking are greatly diminished. If that’s the case, your best bet for SEO success is to find low competition keywords that are more suited for your site’s authority.

But no matter the size of your site or your level of keyword competition, Alexa’s SEO Audit Tool and On-Page SEO Checker cover it all. The result? One massively comprehensive website SEO test.

Ready for a full website SEO test?

Try the SEO Audit Tool + On-Page SEO Checker in Alexa’s Advanced Plan. Your first 7 days are completely free.

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