2014 Year in Review: A Letter From the CEO

Alexa is an icon. Its history spans nearly two decades, with millions of subscribers joining us along the way. Alexa has long been the go-to source to divine the intrinsic and relative value of any website. I joined Alexa in August of 2013 and took over as the company’s CEO in April of this year. And of our many technical forays and process improvements, the single most important thing we did this year was to focus – almost monomaniacally – on the customer.

As an organization built around computer and data sciences, Alexa served a dual role for many years as provider of web traffic analysis tools and top-shelf technology developer for Amazon.com. As the robustness and functionality of the service grew, so did the need to hone the company’s approach – one that puts the customer at the center of everything we do.

If you’ve been with us a while, you undoubtedly noticed the completely revamped user experience we launched in April. That was about you. You also likely noticed that we framed everything we do in terms of your goals, your job and your measurements of success. We made our site more mobile friendly, added data export and keyword research.  We made certifying a site easier and made it much simpler to manage and modify your account.

Why? Because those are the things you asked for most. And we did the one other thing that had the biggest impact on your ability to use our service – we massively increased the size of our data panel, making our metrics more accurate and more reliable than ever before.

However, there are many other things that helped us become fully customer-centric in 2014. For the first time in the company’s history, we started engaging with our customers on a large scale, through the content on our blog and via multiple channels of social media – especially Facebook and Twitter. You rewarded us with your participation. The number of people engaging with us on Facebook alone is 1800% greater than it was just this past April.

We also began a series of customer roundtables and 1-on-1 interviews as part of our alliance with the San Francisco Chapter of the American Marketing Association.  Customer feedback in these sessions has been incredible revealing to us and has substantially shaped our go-forward strategy.

A lot of this success has to do with the amazing people we hired during the last 12 months. Kristen Mirenda in product management, Nik Eklund in customer support, Russ Thompson in data science and Jennifer Johnson in marketing have all brought a deeply customer-centric spirit to Alexa.

You might be sensing a theme here. You might conclude that for Alexa, focusing on the customer was a 2014 thing. It was. It’s also an always thing.

In 2015 we’ll continue on this journey, continue helping customers answer their most pressing business questions. We will continue providing new and better ways for you to completely understand how to drive more traffic, engagement, and share of voice, ultimately, making your site as valuable as it can possibly be.

Here’s to great 2015.

Andy Ramm

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