21-Point Checklist to Boost Your Blog Posts in Search [Infographic]

  • optimize your blog posts with this 21 point checklist

A lot of SEO-minded bloggers will huff and puff about the backlink building strategies that catapulted their posts to the first page of search. I’m not one of them.

I have no backlink building strategy. Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for backlinks. They clearly can help a blogger earn the authority that helps you snag a ticket to high rankings.

Yet I don’t pay that stuff any mind. I don’t build, buy or barter for backlinks. I don’t write emails to the keepers of authoritative sites begging for links. Nor do I seek out guest blogging opportunities aiming to slip-in links to posts I’m trying to bolster.

(But while I’m thinking about it, here’s one about the best practices of business blogging. Shame on me.)

I’m a certified backlink slacker. However, a lot of my blog posts rank on page one of search and a heap of them are inching their way there now.

So what do I do? How do I manage to get the coveted top ten spots on Google and Bing with so many of my pages? I simply earn them.

See, first of all, Google and the other search engines have got quite good at sniffing out the evidence that proves (or suggests) readers get value from your posts. As Alexa’s Kim Cooper wrote in SEO Copywriting for Google and Humans, “The more you serve the reader, the more Google serves you.”

And secondly, when you publish highly useful content and promote it well, it gets shared, seen, and yes, linked to.

So while you can count on me to return to this website and blog in the near future to deliver some advanced SEO insights, today I offer you the basics.

The infographic I’d like you to peruse covers a simple list of ways to:

  1. Indicate the relevance of your SEO content to the search engines
  2. Tap into human psychology to foster clicks, reads, and social shares
  3. Include compelling media to improve the quality of your content

I thank my friend, mentor and podcast partner, Andy Crestodina of Orbit Media, for teaching me these lessons and publishingWeb Content Checklist: 21 Ways to Publish Better Content, which sparked the ideas the infographic below is based on.

Also, a big and grateful shout out to my partner in design, Visme, for their excellent work on the graphic.

optimize your blog posts with this 21 point checklist

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