3 Influencer Marketing Examples (That Don’t Require Celebrities)

When you think of influencer marketing examples, you more than likely think of campaigns that leverage the reach of mega-celebrities like the Kardashians or famous social media stars like Logan Paul.

But you don’t need a celebrity to make an impact with influencer marketing. You can get all of the benefits of influencer marketing without a famous name
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You just need to know how to develop creative influencer campaigns that focus on targeting the right audience, not the largest audience. By getting your brand in front of your ideal audience, you can actually get more benefit from influencer marketing than if you got a big name to promote your product or service to a broad untargeted audience.

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Here are 3 strategies and examples of influencer marketing that show how you can get exposure and attention without a big celebrity.

3 Influencer Marketing Examples and Strategies

Find Influencers in a Niche Market

Celebrities are very broad influencers. They have a lot of fans, but those fans range in demographics and psychographics. Because of this, leveraging their reach doesn’t necessarily allow you to connect with a specific target audience.

Instead of trying to form partnerships with famous influencers, seek out influencers in a niche market that your audience likely knows or follows. This will help you get in front of the right audience, instead of the largest audience.

One of the influencer marketing examples like this is Anytime Fitness’s partnership with Eddie Hall, the 2017 “World’s Strongest Man” who has 692,000 Instagram followers. Knowing that their target audience is interested in weightlifting and working out, Anytime Fitness targeted a top fitness Instagrammer to help promote their brand to their ideal customers.

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Find influencers in a niche market: To tap into this version of niche marketing, search for hashtags that are relevant to your niche and find accounts with a large, engaged following.

powerlifting influencer marketing examples

To learn more about how to find influencers, read this post: How to Find Influencers in Your Niche: 19 Tips, Tools, and Providers

Find Industry Expert Influencers

You don’t need worldwide celebrities to succeed at influencer marketing strategies. You just need “celebrities” in your field. Many industries have thought leaders whom audiences follow to gain insight into their industry. These are ideal influencers to connect with as they can help you reach your target audience.

To use this influencer marketing strategy, you don’t always need to reach out to experts and ask them to promote you, share your story, or mention your brand. Instead, you can reach influencers by promoting them. In an attempt to get in front of their target audience, Ceralytics created a roundup of content marketing newsletters. They included Ann Handley, a known content marketing expert, on their list knowing she might share the article with her 433,000 Twitter followers, which she did.

13 Best Content Marketing Newsletters in 2018: The reads that every content marketer needs now: https://t.co/V9FETPsZd2 [via @ceralytics] pic.twitter.com/BUnNZXmnbO

— Ann Handley (@MarketingProfs) April 2, 2018

Find industry expert influencers: Use Alexa’s Share of Voice to find industry experts. Enter a keyword related to the industry expert you’d like to find. Use the report to find websites that have a high share of voice for that term, indicating they have influence in that area.

share of voice influencer marketing

Find Non-competing Brand Influencers

When you think of influencer marketing examples, you likely think of using an individual’s popularity to get exposure for your brand. But it’s not just individual people who can help you accomplish this. Brands with a large following can also help you get in front of your target market. By using co-marketing tactics and partnering with a brand that shares a similar audience with you (but offers noncompeting products and services), you can use their influence to connect with ideal prospects.

An example of this type of partnership is La Croix’s promotion on the Tortuga Music Festival’s Facebook page. The music festival is a huge event attended by thousands of young, outdoor-loving beachgoers. La Croix saw this as an opportunity to connect with an audience who would likely be interested in their products. Since they don’t compete with each other, the brands partnered up and shared the product with Tortuga’s over 100,000 Facebook followers. 

Find noncompetitive brand influencers: Enter your site or a site of another brand that has an audience you want to connect with into Alexa’s Audience Overlap Tool. The tool will produce a report with dozens of other sites that share a similar audience, giving you a list of potential partnerships.

find influencer using audience overlap

Create Your Own Targeted Influencer Marketing Examples

As these influencer marketing examples show, you don’t always need a mega-celebrity to get exposure for your content and brand
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. By targeting influencers with a small, targeted audience instead of a larger general audience, you can reap the benefits of influencer marketing and achieve a high ROI.

Use the tips in this post to create the best influencer marketing strategies, and then use Alexa tools to find top influencers for your campaigns. Sign up for a free trial of Alexa’s Advanced Plan to get audience and industry research tools that help you find top voices and brands in your niche and industry.

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