35 Marketing Plan Tools for a Winning Growth Strategy

When you have a deep arsenal of marketing plan tools to help you organize your strategy, outline your goals, and get your team on the same page, you and your marketing will be much more successful.

To help you get your plans and team in order (and improve the effectiveness of your overall marketing strategies), we’ve put together a list of our favorite marketing plan tools. Use these tools to put together a strong strategy, present your plans, coordinate with your team members, and effectively execute a powerful plan of action.
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For Collaboration

If you’re going to have multiple team members working on your marketing strategy plan, you should start the process by setting up a collaboration tool.

A collaboration tool allows every member of your team to share information in one place (so information doesn’t get lost) and track their progress (so two people don’t work on the same task). It limits the amount of back-and-forth a team needs as their project is outlined in the collaboration and project management tool.

Basecamp is a streamlined tool that makes it easy to assign tasks and group projects by teams and categories. With messaging tools, schedules, file uploads, and more, it’s great for in-office teams that work in the same space or remote groups that work from different locations. This is one of the marketing plan tools that will hold both you and your team accountable for executing your work.

marketing plan tools basecamp

Other Collaboration Tools

For Creating a Marketing Plan

When you’re developing a marketing strategy, one essential task is creating the documentation and framework for your plans. You need an outline of your marketing plan.

There is no reason to start from scratch when putting together this documentation. There are plenty of resources that provide a marketing plan template or marketing plan example to help you expedite the process and get a head start.
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Alexa put together a free marketing plan template to help you get started right now. The template includes sections on setting goals, assigning a budget, perfecting your brand messaging, defining your target market, leading customers through the buyer’s journey, and identifying the best marketing channels for your goals.

marketing plan template alexa

Other Marketing Plan Tools

For Market Research

Once you have a marketing plan outline, do a market analysis to gather data that informs your strategy.

Some of the most important marketing plan tools relate to researching your industry, competitors, and customers – as these are the most important aspects of your business.
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  Your marketing planning must include a stage of market research that helps you gather real data and insights about these topics.

Alexa’s Marketing Stack includes a suite of tools that help you perform keyword research (to find the top keywords people are frequently searching for), conduct a competitive analysis (to learn about others in your industry), and find similar sites (to see what other interests a specific audience has).

keyword research marketing plan tools

Other Market Research Tools

Check out our roundup of sites for market research for even more tools, websites, and resources.

For Audience Research

Once you research your industry and trends as a whole, you should dive deeper into researching your ideal customer. Use marketing plan tools that help you understand your audience and craft an informative buyer persona.

Unsure what information to include in your buyer persona? Use this buyer persona template to help guide you through the process.

Alexa also has tools to help you find the information needed to complete your buyer persona. Use our Site Overview Tool to break down specific demographic details about website users.

demographic marketing plan tools

Or, use the Audience Overlap Tool to see what other websites are popular with your audience.

audience research marketing plan tools

Other Buyer Persona Research Tools

find and reach audience tour

For Charting and Planning

Once you set the foundation for your marketing strategy and complete your research, you can start developing a concrete, step-by-step plan using marketing plan tools for charting.

Charting tools help you lay out your plans using visuals and flowcharts. Detailed workflows make it easier to envision customer journeys, each purchase funnel level, drip campaign processes, and multichannel marketing connections. This visual approach helps teams get a more holistic understanding of the marketing plan as they can see it laid out in front of them.

Lucidchart is a great tool for charting diagrams of your marketing plans, so they are easy to digest and absorb. The software allows you to drag and drop sections of your chart, easily share and collaborate with teams in real time, and save multiple iterations of your plans.

mapping marketing plan tools

Other Charting and Planning Tools

For Presentations

One of the final items you need in your arsenal of marketing plan tools pulls all of your work together. It is a presentation tool.

Presentation tools help you present your marketing strategies in beautiful and powerful ways to decision-makers, executives, and clients. If you put together a high-quality presentation that looks good and also clearly explains your strategy, you will be more likely to get approval and support.
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  So use a professional presentation software that will make your proposal look high-end and polished.

Prezi is a tool built on principles of powerful presentations – strong visuals, storytelling, and emotional connections. Prezi makes it easy to create compelling, memorable, and persuasive slideshows. And they also simplify presenting. The slideshow uses multiple internal links so you can jump around if you’d like to skip over slides or click to a new section, making it easy to use when presenting and answering real-time questions.

marketing tools for presentations

Other Presentation Tools

For Measurement

Once your marketing plans are approved, in place, and ready to launch, you need to set up one more suite of tools. You need to prepare a system for measurement.

Measurement tools are essential as they help you monitor your results and analyze your work. They allow you to see where you succeeded with your marketing plan and where you can grow. So before you launch your marketing initiative, set up tools that will monitor your work from the start. Because there are a lot of different marketing metrics to keep track of, you will need a variety of tools for different purposes.

Google Analytics will always be an essential marketing measurement tool as it can track a variety of data from traffic, user engagement, bounce rates, and even sales and conversion goals. Also, if your marketing plan includes A/B testing, Google Optimize will help you identify which pages, copy, and marketing messages performed best.

marketing tools for measurement

Other Measurement Tools

Get All the Marketing Plan Tools You Need

Putting together an effective marketing plan is a process. It requires multiple brainstorming sessions, team members, stages of research, and presentations.
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All of that work and planning is much easier to manage, organize, and execute with the right marketing plan tools.

By using a mix of paid and free marketing planning tools, you can streamline your work efforts, use your time and resources more wisely, and create better, more informed marketing strategies. Try the tools mentioned in this post and sign up for a free trial of Alexa’s Advanced Plan to test out the powerful research and marketing tools outlined above.

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