Alexa Global Traffic Metrics Update

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On February 14th, we became aware that the metrics for a number of sites has been impacted by the inclusion of a significant amount of traffic from China, and it has been determined that this traffic was not generated by real internet users. The sites affected include the following:

Alexa has identified the source of this inauthentic traffic as well as the methods used to generate it.  We have eliminated that traffic from our data and are in the process of recalculating and reposting metrics for the affected sites.  We have also taken steps to detect and discard this type of inauthentic traffic going forward. The Alexa team is incredibly grateful to the members of our community who alerted us to the problem.

If you have any questions or concerns, or if you suspect traffic to a particular site has been adulterated by inauthentic browsing behavior, contact us here.

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