Announcing a Faster, Easier Way to Find Growth Opportunities from Competitors

  • Announcing the new Site Overview

Today, we’re excited to introduce a faster, easier way to find opportunities to grow your traffic and quickly analyze your competitors: Alexa’s Site Overview tool.

Discovering ways to stay ahead of the competition in search is a key part of the marketing workflow, but often it requires a dedicated analytics team, significant time and deep SEO expertise, or cash for outsourcing that small and mid-sized businesses just don’t have laying around. In adding new insights to Site Overview, our goal is to level the playing field by simplifying the discovery of actionable growth opportunities for the masses—no advanced analytics required.

“People have an emotional reaction when they see that competitors are beating them at something,” said Andy Crestodina, co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Orbit Media. “This is the fastest way to see what’s working for them and not for you. Even at a glance, I’ve found 3-4 actions I can take to get better results.”

Site Overview Summary Section

What’s new?

When you input a site into the Site Overview—whether it’s your own site, a client’s site, a competitor, or an industry leader—the tool creates an automated competitive analysis using your top 4 competitors. Competing sites are determined by (a) the amount of overlap between the audience of both sites, and (b) the keywords shared between the sites.

The competitive analysis report contains four main sections: keyword opportunities, competitive analysis, audience analysis, and traffic statistics. Read more about the features of each section below.

3 ways to improve your marketing strategies using Site Overview

Improve your content strategy with new keyword opportunities.

Create new content or improve existing content to try to capture more search traffic. Find gaps in your strategy, see your competitors’ top keywords, and identify high-value, buyer keywords. Pro tip: make sure to understand the search intent for the keyword before you spend time creating new content. The informational keyword “how do I get to John Wayne airport” may require a different type of content than the buyer intent search term “Las Vegas hotel deals.”

Find partnership and advertising opportunities.

Use the Audience Insights to find partnership and advertising opportunities. Look to the sites in the Audience Overlap or Audience Interests reports for sites that share an audience, but aren’t direct competitors.

Better understand the audience of your competitors.

Understand what interests your competitors’ visitors, including what keywords they are searching for. Site Overview gives you unique insights into the audience behavior of competing sites that you can use to win more traffic.

Discover more insights with Alexa’s Advanced Plan

After you’ve taken full advantage of the free insights provided by Site Overview, subscribe to Alexa’s Advanced plan for unlimited access to competitive research, audience analysis, and keyword research tools, as well as SEO capabilities like recurring Site Audits.

Sign up for a free trial now to see our full suite of marketing tools.

Site Overview key features

Keyword opportunities

Keyword opportunities showcases customized lists of keywords the site could use to improve their SEO strategy. Opportunities are based on data on the site, its competitors, and its competitive ability to rank for popular keywords. These opportunities are broken down by type:

  • Easy-to-rank keywords—popular keywords within the site’s Competitive Power.
  • Keyword gaps—keywords driving traffic to the site’s closest competitors, but not the site.

Keyword gaps in action

  • Buyer keywords—keywords that are relevant to the site and indicate high purchase intent.
  • Optimization opportunities—popular keywords that drive some traffic to the site, but could be better optimized to drive more search traffic.

Competitive analysis

  • Traffic sources compared to top competing sites. See how the site stacks up to its top competitors in terms of percentage of traffic from search.

Traffic sources

  • Referring sites compared to top competing sites. View the number of websites referring traffic to the site as compared to its top 4 competitors.
  • Top site keywords. See the top keywords driving traffic to the site, and quickly toggle to see top keywords driving traffic to competing sites.

Audience analysis

  • Overlapping sites. Find sites that share the same visitors and search keywords as the site.
  • Audience interests. See what categories interest the site’s audience, and what sites they visit in those categories.

Traffic Statistics

  • Alexa Traffic Rank and 90-day trend. See historically how the site ranked, and it’s current rank. Alexa Rank is an estimate of the site’s popularity as compared to all other sites on the Internet.
  • Visitor engagement. Get the estimated bounce rate, time on site, and daily pageviews per visitor for the site.

Site Metrics, including engagement metrics

  • Total number of sites linking to the site.
  • Geography of the site’s audience. Get an estimate of the percentage of visitors by country for the site.
  • Where the site’s visitors went just before and just after. See the top 5 sites that visitors went immediately before the site, and the top 5 sites their visitors went after they left the site.

Download the Alexa browser extension to get quick and easy access to all the insights above as you browse various websites, plus get:

  • Average load time for a site
  • How a site looked in the past via the Wayback Machine

Try out the free Site Overview tool now.

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