Audience Analysis: Definition and Resources

Audience AnalysisAudience analysis is a task that entrepreneurs, marketers, and product managers use to gain a deeper understanding of a market segment. Understanding their audience’s interests, needs, and pain points helps them define an accurate buyer persona, create a marketing plan, and improve their product and marketing effectiveness.

While your own audience is a great place to start with audience analysis, looking at your competitor’s audience and comparing it to your own can help you gain insights into how to stay ahead of the competition.

–What is Audience Analysis?

Garrett Huddy, Crimson Hexagon

Audience Analysis Resources

Audience Overlap makes it easy to understand your audience, identify under-the-radar competitors, and discover new partnership opportunities.

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Find the websites your audience visits based on factors like visitors in common and keywords targeted. Build a list of prospects, competitors, or partners to evaluate.

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Follow these 8 steps to find and qualify guest blogging sites your audience visits in less time, and with confidence you’ll get the best ROI.

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