How Recruiterbox Leverages Alexa Site Audits for Growth

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In San Francisco, the ebb and flow of the city’s startup economy is apparent. People come en masse to the area for the abundance of new opportunities, and teams shift and change dramatically every month. With this ever-changing human resource makeup, San Francisco-based Recruiterbox aims to streamline and organize the hiring process, leveraging analytics as a key catalyst for growth.

Recruiterbox was founded in 2010 by Rahuveer Kancherla, Girish Redekar, and Raj Sheth. With a unified vision in mind, the three set out to design a collaborative software system that would change the way hiring teams around the world received, managed, and deliberated on job applications. Five years later, the company is ranked among the top 8,000 websites in the world (a 50% increase from last year alone) and has demonstrated growth that rivals other competing recruiting services.


But in a fairly competitive industry, it is crucial for Recruiterbox to be strategic about its positioning in the marketplace. With customers all over the world and a second headquarters in Bangalore, India, Recruiterbox looks to analytics to determine its key markets and to monitor how it performs within those markets on a traffic-level basis. What began, as co-founder Girish Redekar describes, as a mere curiosity, is now “a key input to our strategy and monitoring.” Two particularly important tools for the company include monthly Alexa Site Audits and regular tracking of Site Comparisons.

Redekar says that by far the most valuable channel for customer acquisition and growth for Recruiterbox is search engine optimization (SEO), and actively monitoring analytics for keywords and demographics is crucial. The company uses regular site audit reports to point teams directly to key parts of its website that need improvement.

“It is wonderful that the report is very objective and actionable. We check site audits monthly, and return to its checklist at least twice a week to check off items that need attention,” says Redekar. While the company uses several tools in conjunction to improve its SEO, Redekar acknowledges that progress happens by chipping away at the problems bit-by-bit. And “Alexa is an important contributor to that list,” he says.

In a competitive market, a growing company has to be deliberate about what investments to make and markets to tap, while keeping a close watch on its competitors. Recruiterbox leverages Alexa Site Comparisons to analyze competitor traffic patterns, rank and reach trends, as well as traffic source distributions by channel. This helps them monitor the competitive landscape, and fill any strategic gaps proactively.

As a prime example of how data driven strategy can directly impact long-term growth, Redekar believes Recruiterbox has only scratched the surface of its potential. “We are passionate about making the world’s simplest and most accessible applicant tracking system. In the coming years, we hope to become the de facto recruiting software for growing companies.”

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