How to Create an SEO Proposal Template for New Clients

You can spend less time securing clients when you have an SEO Proposal Template that allows you to create a new project outline in a matter of minutes.

With the following information and downloadable template, you don’t have to start from scratch each time a client comes knocking on your door. You can simply use this SEO proposal format and fill in the blanks to quickly create a personalized proposal that outlines the steps of your new client’s SEO plan.

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Competition is high in the SEO industry. There are many companies offering similar services, so you should use the intro of your proposal to stand out from competitors by outlining the following:

  • Who You Are: Provide a brief introduction about you and your company. Explain how you got started, who is on your team, and why you love to do this work.
  • Differentiators: Explain what makes you different from your competitors. Give insight into the unique selling propositions that separate you from others in your industry.
  • Your Tools: Offer a look at the SEO tools that help you run your organization better than competitors. If you offer your own proprietary software, processes, or algorithms, highlight this.
  • Social Proof: List the reasons why a client should trust and choose you. This could include snippets from marketing case studies, client testimonials, or other metrics that show your ability to do an excellent job and produce powerful results.

The intro can be short and sweet, just as long as it hits each of these points and provides potential clients with a peek inside your company.

Benefits and Value of SEO

When drafting an SEO services proposal, it’s important to make sure the client understands the benefits and value of the work they are about to purchase. This is even more important when dealing with SEO services.

SEO clients are often unfamiliar with the service. They have heard the term SEO, and they know they need it, but they don’t really understand how it works. Make sure that your proposal explains these details and educates the client so they understand the scope of the work, the benefits they will receive, and how long it will take. This is vital for setting expectations.

When you have an SEO proposal template, you don’t need to recreate this educational info for each client. Simply use the templated resources in each proposal.

Identify Problems

After you explain how white hat SEO works, include a section in your proposal on how this relates to the client’s site. You can do this by performing a full website SEO test of the client’s site (if this is part of your proposal process) or by using a more generic list of SEO problems. Either way, identify how the following elements improve a site’s SEO.

SEO is a broad term, so break it down into sections that are easier for the client to understand. Explain how their site ranks or needs to improve in the following categories:

If your proposal process includes a site audit for the potential client, be specific about what they are doing wrong. List each of the mistakes they are making so the client can see exactly how much work will be going into the project.

If you want to quickly gather this information and simplify the audit process, you can use Alexa’s SEO Audit Tool. When you submit a website domain, you get a full report with grades and 1-100 rankings for five major SEO elements.

find seo problems for seo proposal template

Filling in an SEO proposal template becomes incredibly simple with this information as you can just use the report in your proposal to show the client custom data on the state of their site.

improve seo performance tour

Plan of Action

Once you identify the problems, explain how you will start SEO efforts to resolve the issues. Without giving away too much info, show the client how you will strategically improve their SEO. Explain how you can fix the problems with their site through the following.

  • Keyword Research: Your process for keyword discovery, which finds the best opportunities for the client to connect with their target audience and appear in search
  • Competitor Research: Your process for competitive analysis to see how the client’s competitors are performing and what you need to do to top them
  • Content Strategy: A plan for expanding site depth and creating additional on-site content through a blog and targeted landing pages
  • Link Building Campaign: Strategy for gaining high-quality backlinks to the client website
  • Technical Optimization: A list of technical changes and upgrades that help a site meet the requirements and best practices set by Google

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With the Alexa SEO Audit tool, you can quickly fill in this portion of your proposal as well. The report provides a look at the state of the client site and a list of what you need to do to improve it. The automated report provides actionable steps for improving the ranking of each SEO element, making it easy to outline a plan for the client.

identify actionable steps in seo proposal

Alexa’s Marketing Stack also helps you with the keyword research portion of your proposal. Using the Keyword Difficulty Tool, you can plug in the client’s site along with a phrase that relates to their industry to produce a report.

The detailed report factors in the Competitive Power of the client’s site to produce a list of SEO keywords that the site has the ability to rank for. You can quickly fill in the keyword research portion of your SEO proposal template using this report.

show client's best keywords in seo proposal

Additionally, the Competitor Keyword Matrix allows you to quickly gather information about the keywords competitor sites are using to show up in search results. When you enter up to 10 sites, you can run a competitor keyword analysis to see which terms are ranking and how difficult it will be to compete for them.

run competitor keyword analysis for seo proposal

The information from this report can be added to your proposal to show the client the state of their competitors and how much work they need to do to compete.

Strategy & Reporting

Most SEO plans don’t end with the completion of a list of one-time tasks. Because SEO is an ongoing process, a strategic SEO plan includes resolving initial issues and then setting a plan for ongoing maintenance and improvements.

Outline this plan in your proposal so clients can see how the work needs to continue to provide powerful, lasting results.

Explain how you will continue to provide services, what those services entail, and how they help. Also provide a reporting plan so that the client knows how they can measure results over time.


At the end of your SEO proposal template, include a terms and conditions section that can be easily revised for each new client. This area should include the fine-print details as they relate to the following.

  • Fees: Clearly outline the cost of each package offering and ongoing maintenance fees
  • Payment Structure: List the schedule and options for payment
  • Terms: Address any conditions for the scope of the work, ownership of the properties, and responsibilities of each party
  • Timeline: Offer a timeline for when tasks (both one-time tasks and ongoing reporting) will be provided to the client
  • Signature: Seal the deal with signature lines that allow the client to sign off on the proposal

When you provide SEO services, you should spend your time working on SEO – not preparing proposals and creating project plans. By using this outline, you can do just that.

You can create a simple SEO proposal template that allows you to fill in the blanks and design a full client plan that is ready to go. Or, you can save more time and make your life even easier by downloading this SEO proposal PDF to build the foundation of your client plans.

improve seo performance tour

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