How to Create Great Email Marketing Content

3 Engaging Email Marketing Content Examples

There are plenty of companies that do right by their email marketing content. Below are three examples of content that real companies used within their emails.

Asana: Sharing Timely Resources

email marketing content asana

Source: Asana Email (July 2020)

In the example above, Asana sent a timely email in response to the public’s concern about the effect the pandemic will have on the future of work. Beyond being topical, this email content shows you who the webinar speakers are, with a short bit of context.

It’s easy for companies to comment on current events, but it’s harder to actually offer helpful content resources in times of need. Reassuring customers that you’re here to help during difficult times and offering useful resources for them is always a great way to make them feel like you’re on their side and working hard for them.

Using email to reach out to customers and providing them with timely resources is also a great way to build brand affinity. Offering these types of resources shows that you have a strong understanding of the challenges your industry is facing. You’re not there just to boost your conversion rates or plug your social media channels — you genuinely want to help your subscribers. That simple gesture can go a long way in getting people excited about your brand and its emails.

Later: Showing off Brand Personality

email marketing content later example

Source: Later Email (July 2020)

Later’s email marketing content is loud and colorful, which is consistent with who they are as a brand in a very visual industry. In the above example, they used a bold and animated GIF in an email that served as eye-catching content to lead subscribers to a landing page.

The Instagram scheduling software company does a great job of showcasing their brand identity with vibrant images and videos. Just from seeing the moving banner image in their email, you get an immediate sense of Later’s extroverted nature as a brand that is letting you know they like to have fun with their content.

Every company has its own unique brand identity. Make sure that comes through. You need to give your emails a distinct feel, and showing off a little brand personality is a great way to do so. Whether your brand is fun or more serious, make sure that comes through in the overall packaging of your email marketing content. Utilizing Interactive Content

email marketing content parsely example

Source: Email (June 2020)

The example above shows one of three GIFs that used to specifically show how to find weekly and monthly content trends within their software. The GIFs were part of an email that featured a brief walkthrough of a new product feature they recently launched.’s email marketing content in the GIF above is a great example of interactive content. In addition to GIFs, you can also add items like quizzes, polls, interactive charts, and infographics to keep your subscribers more engaged with the email.

Interactive content is also a very effective means of educating subscribers who are existing customers and potential customers. Use your email marketing content as an opportunity to educate customers on different aspects of your product or service in engaging ways. Having interactive components that help guide your customers is a great way to keep them engaged throughout the email.

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