How to Find LSI Keywords: 5 Easy Strategies

Once you master the basics of writing SEO-friendly content, it’s time to take your strategy to the next level by learning how to find LSI keywords for your content.

At a first look, LSI keywords may seem like an advanced SEO strategy that’s difficult to understand and execute. But the concept is simple when you follow these tips and best practices.

What is Meant by LSI Keywords?

LSI (latent semantic indexing) keywords are terms and phrases that are similar or related to a webpage’s target keyword. Their purpose is to help search engines better understand the content of the page by adding context and connecting the copy to the target keyword.

For a more detailed look at semantic SEO, check out our post that dives deeper into the topic. The rest of this post will show you how to do keyword research to find LSI keywords you can use in your content.

How to Find LSI Keywords

No. 1) Don’t Focus Solely on Synonyms

As you learn how to find LSI keywords, keep in mind that you’re not just looking for synonyms. You’re also looking to find related words and phrases. This mindset will help you identify LSI keywords for your content.

For example, if you were looking to target the keyword “best beaches in Florida,” you wouldn’t simply focus on synonyms like “best coast in Florida” or “best shore in Florida.” You would create a list of relevant terms stemming from that concept, which might include “Florida beach vacations,” “vacations by the water,” or “top Florida beaches.”

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No. 2) Look for Related Searches on Google

When you’re learning how to find LSI keywords, Google is a good place to start. A simple LSI keywords example is the group of related searches at the bottom of a search results page.

lsi keywords example

The results are similar to a semantic keyword tool as they help you find related queries and show you how searchers word various search phrases.

You can also look at the phrases that show up when you type a target keyword into the Google search bar.

how to find lsi keywords

Either of these keyword discovery strategies can help you find common search phrases you may not have thought of.

No. 3) Use Google’s Keyword Planner

Another way to find LSI keywords using Google is with their Keyword Planner Tool. It suggests hundreds of keywords for advertisers to use and also lists common search terms and phrases. You can use these suggestions as your own free LSI keyword generator.

Enter your target term and see which related SEO keywords have high search levels and low competition. This is the low-hanging fruit that you can target for your LSI strategy.

find keywords for latent semantic indexing

No. 4) Use LSI Graph

LSI Graph is a free LSI keyword tool designed to help you identify dozens of related terms to use in your copy. Visit the website and enter your target keyword to generate a long list of potential LSI keywords.

lasi graph semantic keyword tool

When you have a long list of LSI keywords, it may be tempting to use as many as possible in your content. But that can lead to keyword stuffing problems if your content isn’t truly aligned to those terms. So when you find a long list of related terms, don’t try to fit them all into one page of your content. Instead, keep the list of terms and use it to develop ideas for other parts of your content and blog marketing.

No. 5) Use Alexa’s Keyword Difficulty Tool

Alexa also has tools that help you find related keywords to support your LSI keyword strategy. Enter your target term into the Keyword Difficulty Tool to produce a report of similar phrases and words.

alexa lsi keyword tool

Use the relevance score to see how similar the terms are to your target keyword. Also, consider the popularity and competition scores to find the phrases that will support your keyword strategy.

Improve Your Content Strategy with LSI Keywords

Learning how to find LSI keywords and use them in your content is one way you can take your SEO copywriting to the next level. Use the tools in this post to find LSI keywords and then naturally insert them into your content to help your pages and posts rank in search
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For more help with finding the best terms to use in your content, sign up for a free trial of Alexa’s Advanced Plan. The plan includes the Keyword Difficulty Tool, Competitor Keyword Matrix, and other research tools that make finding top keywords even easier.

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