How to Reach Your Growth Potential Through Lead Generation Marketing

For a business to reach their full growth potential, they must connect with a large audience, keep their pipeline filled with prospects, and stay in touch with customers. They must have a strong lead generation and nurturing plan that attracts interested audiences and keeps them engaged.

The rest of this post will show you how to use inbound marketing and lead generation strategies to help your company expand and reach its full growth potential.

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Reach Your Growth Potential by Knowing Your Audience

Define your growth potential business plan by identifying exactly whom you want to target. Gather in-depth details about the people who will be most interested in your business and offerings.

Your business will grow more quickly if you know your ideal audience and target the right people.
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You will make a bigger impact on lead generation and sales if you focus on connecting with a small number of highly targeted prospects than if you try to build relationships with a huge group of people with little to no interest in what you offer. You must get to know the people you will target.

Research to learn about your ideal target audience.

Create a buyer persona that outlines the demographics, professional details, values, goals, challenges, and influences of your ideal customer. Use this buyer persona template to craft your description, and use Alexa’s Audience Overlap Tool to discover details about your target audience.

Enter the websites of competitors or other brands that have the audience you want to target. You can enter up to 10 sites, but you may want to sift through the information with only a few competitors at first. Run the report to produce clusters of websites that reach an audience similar to the sites you entered.

reach growth potential using audience research

From here, dig into the information to find clues about the audience you want to attract. Hover over a site to segment a section of the clusters that are similar. This process allows you to find trends and see themes in website topics that tell you what your audience is interested in. For example, if you hover over a site segment and see that they are all digital marketing websites, you will understand that your audience has a strong interest in online marketing.

Create Content Your Target Audience Wants and Needs

Once you know whom you want to reach, create content that will catch the attention of this particular segment of people. Plan to make all of your future content with this audience in mind.

Content helps you reach your growth potential because it attracts audiences to your website, and persuades them to opt-in to your emails to get access to more content. But for your content to accomplish this, it must be what the audience wants to see. It must match their needs and interests.

Research to find topics that are most interesting to your audience.

Use Alexa’s Competitor Keyword Matrix and enter up to 10 competitors or other brands that have an audience similar to the one you want to target. The report will identify keywords that are popular on those sites. Terms that have a high popularity score are searched for frequently by audiences.

Include your site in the analysis and apply the filter “Show Keyword Gaps for” your site. This will show you keywords the other sites are getting traffic for, but you are not.

find keyword gaps to reach growth potential

Use this report to identify potential topics to cover to attract your ideal audience. A popular term that you don’t already get traffic for is a great growth potential example, as you know your ideal audience is regularly searching for that topic.

Place Content Where Your Target Audience Will Find It

Now you know who you want to target and what type of content will reach that audience, so it’s time to place that content where your ideal readers will find it. To reach your growth potential, create a plan for guest blogging and getting your content in front of your ideal audience.

Guest blogging is a strategic way to use another website’s readership to connect with your ideal audience. It offers growth potential because you can leverage the audience of another site as a gateway for meeting new readers.

Research to find guest blogging opportunities that will help you get in front of your target audience.

To find guest blogging sites, go back to Alexa’s Audience Overlap Tool. Enter a few sites you know your ideal audience frequently visits, and run the report. The visual map will display dozens and dozens of sites that are great guest blogging opportunities. You know your audience spends time on these sites, so they present opportunities for connecting with your ideal readers.

reach growth potential with guest blogging

Easily keep track of the sites you want to include in your guest blogging plan by clicking on the site and using the List Builder feature to add the site to your planning list. From there, you can research to find more information about the sites to help you with your guest blogging outreach.

Help Your Audience Find Your Content in Search

Seeding your content across websites that share your audience is an important part of a growth plan. But you also need to help your target audience find the content on your website. You need to make your website content more visible in search.

To ensure that you reach your growth potential, you must have a plan for attracting new leads through search. Your ideal audience must be able to find you when searching for terms and phrases that relate to your industry, brand, and offerings.

Optimize your website content so it performs better in search.

To make sure your website is properly optimized, use Alexa’s SEO Audit Tool and On-Page SEO Checker. Start with the audit tool and run a report on the full status of your website’s SEO standings. The audit will produce a report with rankings and suggested improvements for how to optimize your website to improve its ranking abilities.

do SEO audits to reach growth potential

Once you look at your site as a whole, drill down and review individual pages on your site. Enter the URL and target keyword for a webpage into Alexa’s On-Page SEO Checker. The report offers suggestions on how to improve the page’s SEO content and give it a better chance at ranking.

check on-page SEO to reach growth potential

A growth potential analysis should always include looking into your SEO to make sure new audiences can find your business through search. To reach your full growth potential, you can’t miss any opportunities for having new customers connect with you.

improve seo performance tour

Use Content to Capture and Nurture Leads

The final step in making sure your business reaches its full growth potential is setting up lead generation and nurturing plans. A key factor for growth is in creating content that attracts potential buyers into the purchase funnel and guides them through the rest of the process.

Your plan should always include strategies that capture a prospect’s contact information and then leads them through their buyer’s journey. Each piece of content should fit into a larger, cohesive plan.

Create content to fill every stage of the purchase funnel.

  • TopofFunnel Content: Publish evergreen content that answers your target customer’s biggest questions as it relates to your offerings, and create content that helps your ideal audience solve their problems.
  • Middle-of-Funnel Content: To execute MOFu marketing, connect with audiences that have already shown interest in your business by offering them content that gives a deeper look at your brand and offerings.
  • Bottom-of-Funnel Content: Close the deal with content that guides customers through their purchase and targets buying keywords that prospects use when they are ready to buy.

And always think about how your content will funnel readers back to an offer, content upgrade, giveaway, free trial, or another opt-in that collects their contact information.

Customers usually won’t buy the first time they interact with a brand. So set up breadcrumbs that guide readers back to an opportunity to pass over their contact information, so you can stay in touch with them and continue to guide them toward a purchase.

Reach Your Growth Potential Faster With Alexa’s Tools

The growth plan example in this post shows how you can use your online presence to help your business reach its full potential. By focusing on attracting the right audience and using strategic content, SEO optimization, and lead generation plans, you can capitalize on opportunities for growing your business and reaching your growth potential.

To speed up your growth potential and succeed with the strategies mentioned in this post, sign up for a free trial of Alexa’s advanced plan. The plan includes all of the Alexa’s tools mentioned in this post along with other powerful SEO, keyword research, and competitive analysis tools that help you grow and scale faster.

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