Improve the Performance of Your Content: How to Use’s New Content Exploration Tool

In general, content creation is an intensely time-consuming process. It’s also quite manual. Yet after all the hours of in-depth keyword research, writing, editing, publishing, and promoting, how confident can you actually be that this one piece of content will succeed? In a world overflowing with digital content, the unfortunate reality of content marketing is: few rise above the noise.

“The sunk cost associated with content generation—manual research, editorial meetings, drafting and reviewing articles—is enormous. If a piece of content doesn’t perform, that’s significant opportunity cost wasted.” – Andrew Ramm, President,

Creating unique, relevant content

Luckily, marketers have another tool they can use to their advantage: content analysis.

Simply put, content analysis is the process of evaluating content in your competitive space to understand what is successful and what is not. The goal of content analysis is to know, based on a variety of signals (like engagement metrics and SERP results), what topics and content types are most engaging for your audience. Identifying high-performing content and what gives it a competitive edge helps marketers create more tailored content of their own, optimized to resonate with their audience across various channels, including search and social media.

Insights from a thorough content analysis help focus and expedite the marketer’s content creation process because it provides a clearer signal about what content opportunities will likely yield the best results.

Content Exploration, Alexa’s new content analysis tool, gives marketers visibility into what topics, articles, and sites an audience is most engaged with, so they can optimize their own content for success. It’s a data-driven tool that helps identify the most successful content for a topic or website based on social engagement.

top topics and content for the term

The top topics, articles, and publishers for the term “brand awareness” over the past year.

With the Content Exploration tool, marketers can:

Find low competition areas of opportunity. How to do this using Content Exploration:

  • See top topics on Twitter and Reddit
  • Drill down into more niche topics to see what subject areas readers are most engaged with
  • Compare average engagement per article of any topic by comparing the number of articles to the total engagement

Gain intel on competitors’ content strategy. How to do this using Content Exploration:

  • Surface competitors’ most engaged with topic areas and content
  • Understand the topical makeup of competing sites, partner sites, and industry leading sites

Reach more of their target audience. How to do this using Content Exploration:

  • Easily identify common characteristics of top content to determine what gives it a competitive edge
  • Uncover what topics resonate with their audience most to plan what to create next or determine what existing content needs to be improved
  • Find unique, relevant content to curate on any given topic to share with their audience

Tips on Using Content Exploration

  • Explore related topics. Find content ideas for tangential subject areas using the related topics directly under the search box.
  • Drill into niche topics. View the top topics and their core metrics, and click any topic to drill down into more niche angles.

Exploring and drilling down into related topics

  • Discover high-opportunity topics. See at-a-glance what topics have high engagement and a high number of articles. Sort by average engagement per article in the topic to understand where the biggest opportunities lie.

understand what topics generate high average engagement

  • Understand what content generates social media engagement. View popular articles within a topic, and use the article report to learn more about the content and publisher.

View content in the articles tab, and click on the article report for more details.

Data-Driven Content Ideation and Curation

Content Exploration is an empowering tool in the marketer’s workflow. It helps save time and money by surfacing the most viable topics for your qualified audience. It uncovers new conversations and topics you aren’t yet a part of. And it reveals authoritative content that can serve as a model for success. In all, content analysis helps improve the efficiency of your content creation process and the effectiveness of your overall marketing strategy.

Are you part of an agency? Content Exploration makes topic analysis easy so you can become a subject-matter expert in no time. Understand what content commands the highest engagement so you can present informed, strategic marketing plans when pitching clients.

“Content Exploration makes a lot of what we traditionally do manually much more efficient. We can see content that is clearly resonating with an audience, allowing us to generate new ideas with our clients’ unique angle.” – Jimmy Daly, Marketing Director, Animalz

To try Content Exploration, navigate to the Content section of your Alexa Advanced account, or start a free 14-day trial of our Advanced Plan to get started.

We set out to help marketers grow and convert their audience by capitalizing on competitive opportunities in content, SEO, and SEM. Content Exploration is the newest addition to our suite of tools created to help you do just that. Learn what it takes to rise above the noise with data-driven content ideation and analysis.

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