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Looking at what keywords are succeeding for your competitors is a great way to get ideas for your own campaigns or for content optimization. Competitive keyword research involves finding out what keywords are sending traffic to competitors sites, and which sites are getting traffic from specific keywords that you’re interested in.

Previously, you could use Alexa’s competitive analysis tools to look up a specific website and see what keywords are driving organic and paid traffic to that site. With the new Keyword Research tool we recently released  you can also look up by keyword, and find the top sites receiving organic or paid traffic from that keyword.   The tools are integrated so that you can easily click back and forth between a site view and a keyword view.

Here’s how the Keyword Research tool looks if you look up the Organic Traffic for the keyword “weather”:

kwr-ot (1)

If you click on the “Paid Traffic” link, you’ll see the sites that have run ads for ‘weather’ in major search engines:

kwr-pt (1)

The “View Site Keywords” link, takes you back to a site-specific view for either Organic or Paid keywords sending traffic to the site:

kwr-siteot (1)

kwr-sitept (2)

Ready to start gathering your own keyword insights and opportunities?  The keyword tool is available now for subscribers to Alexa’s Advanced plans.

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