Top 5 Benefits of Alexa Certified Metrics

We know that choosing the right web analytics provider can be a daunting task. You want metrics you can trust. You want to track 100% of your traffic. And most importantly, you need to present your best to potential advertisers and investors.  Alexa’s Certified Metrics is your solution for on-site analytics, no matter your site’s size.  Below are 5 key benefits of certifying your site:

1. Count 100% Of Your Real Traffic

By installing Alexa’s Certify Code on your site, Alexa will begin directly measuring and reporting on your site’s traffic. This provides you with invaluable insights into your site’s performance. In contrast to other analytics services, such as Google Analytics, we ensure all of your site’s traffic is being counted.  We do this by reviewing your site every month and alerting you if pages of your site are missing the Certify Code.  This is important because no code = no traffic data.  As a result of our monthly site scans, you can feel confident that all of your site’s traffic is included in your Certified Metrics.


In addition, Alexa Certified Metrics only counts real traffic. This means we filter out web crawlers and other extraneous “noise” which can artificially inflate your metrics. We only count traffic when your website’s URL appears in the browser address bar.  This provides you a clear picture of your true traffic metrics, allowing you to make better business decisions based on genuine data.

RealTraffic2. A More Accurate Alexa Rank

Once your site is Certified, you can choose to base your site’s Alexa rank on the directly measured Certified Metrics instead of estimated data. This will give your site a more accurate and more stable Alexa rank.

Insider Tip: It takes 21 days to gather enough data to properly rank your website.

3. Better Analytics Reports

Alexa Certified Site Metrics’ straightforward UI allows you to quickly identify meaningful changes to your site’s traffic.

The Alexa Certify dashboard displays your metrics in context and overlays the current period with a previous time period. At a glance you will be able to monitor and identify significant traffic spikes and drill down further to learn why.


4. Monitor Your Site’s Performance

If you’ve ever experienced a sharp downward trend in your site’s traffic, you know it is crucial to quickly isolate the root cause. Is the cause due to a problem on your site or an external event? Alexa Certified Metrics makes performance tracking easy by continually monitoring your site’s uptime.  We display your uptime next to your traffic graphs – allowing you to cross-correlate traffic trends with your site’s availability and/or technical issues.


5.  Publish Your Metrics to Boost Advertising Revenue

Showcasing your traffic stats and true audience size can help you attract potential business partners, investors, and advertisers. After certifying your site, you can choose to publish your Certified Metrics including Unique Visitors and Pageviews on your site’s public Site Overview page.CertifiedRank

Of course, we also provide the option to keep these metrics private if you wish. However, providing influencers an accessible snapshot of the data associated with your website (e.g. your Alexa rank and traffic trends) offers a credible look at your performance and investment potential.

Why wait? Alexa Certified Metrics is available as part of all Alexa Pro plans. Get measuring today and sharpen your competitive edge. 

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